Saturday, August 31, 2013

Week in Review

My long week end had an early start.  I was called into work Wednesday at midnight and then worked until noon and then took off!

Had my MRI yesterday and it was a weird experience.  I was only in the machine to my chest and spent 30 minutes listening to soft jazz in headphones and the thumping and clicking of the machine while I tried to sleep

I heard back from my cousin--her sister in law loved her quilt!  Yeah!   I sent this mini quilt down for my cousin;  her sister in law saw it and wants one queen size!  I found BuggyBarn/Henry Glass' "Lilac Parade" at several on line shops so I am okay for fabric!

I also picked up a new customer.  I meet her at the garage sale from a month ago.  She wants this quilt but wants it to measure 100" x 100".  My local quilt shop still had some fabric, so I am good there!

I started a new project yesterday with "Winter's Lane. charm pack and two jelly rolls.  Here is one finished block and a stack of partially finished blocks.  The first row around the charm are 1.5" strips and the second row is 1.75" strips.  I am sorry, but I don't remember where I saw the pattern.

So, now I have to get ready to go play some golf!

Sunday, August 25, 2013


Well, to start with, I do not have satellite access in my sewing room.  So, last week end I spent most of my time in the dungeon watching the Solheim Cup (that's women's golf!!)and getting caught up on some little quilting projects.

I went to the doctor Friday for my knee and they are going to do an MRI as  it still hasn't healed.

I got a special request from my cousin.  She wanted me to make a queen size quilt like the one that I had made her a few years ago.  Her sister-in-law was going to steal hers!

I also finished a quilt using "Glimma".  Jenny, from Missouri Quilt Company had a tutorial and I loved it!  Mine is smaller than Jenny's but I only bought one layer cake.

I make my weekly block for Pam Buda's Nappy's dowery.  And need to make my mystery block from FQS.

My sister and I are headed to a quilt retreat in three weeks and I have been gathering fabric to try to decide what projects to work on.  I will let you know my decisions (halloween and/or fall)
I am making sweet and sour chicken, fried rice and a beef and pepper stir fry for supper.  So, it's off to the showers for me.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Windmill Flimsy Finished!

So my chores are done and I have been sitting at my machine since 7 am.  What I thought would only take an hour, took 3.5 hrs, BUT my Windmill flimsy is finished!  My dogs took a nap break and went outside with me while I took these pictures.  I used Moda's "Aspen Frost".

I am watch a movie, the original "Red" with Bruce Willis and Morgan Freeman, among others and plan to finish up another quilt!

See you later!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Simply Charming!

I stopped by Kathy's (Kindred Quilts) this morning and realized that I have not even thought about this month's quilt.  So, I got busy and just finished the top.  I made "Nellie's Nine Patch" in purples.  I have a family reunion this afternoon, so it won't be quilted today!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


You almost won;  I almost gave in; I was composing a posting in my head saying that I was going to take a break from blogging because it wasn't fun.  I saw a t-shirt in a catalog yesterday that said, "I know who I am, and I don't need your approval"

But you know what, I truly enjoy what I do and will carry on with my obsessions--quilting and sewing.

I didn't sew much this week-end, mainly because I was BUSY doing other things. I set up a table at a friend's garage sale and sold three quilts and half a dozen pillow cases.  AND, HAD FUN!  And got very very sunburned!  LOL

And, played eighteen holes of golf for the first time in eight weeks--since I crashed landed at my cousins.

I am sitting at my desk, sewing some blocks for a quilt called "Windmill" that I got off of the MBS site.  It was designed my Amanda Castor of Material Girl Quilts.

See you later!