Friday, April 25, 2014


Well, I told you that the blocks were big but I didn't think that I would finish "Prill" today!  It measures 60" x 60".  I used a yellow bella solids.

I am still working on my string quilt and am going to finally start a big "Swoon" quilt, using Kate Spain's "Day Dreams".

Market Day

Today is Day 1 of Pam Buda's "Market Day Sew Along".  She gave directions for two sizes of quilts.  I used her fabric for the "big" one and scraps for the "little" one.  I am hoping that the little one lends itself to being scrappy!

I always save the corners that I cut off when making flying geese or the squares as pictured above.  If you read the comments from my True Blue post, my sister Vicki, left a "nice comment" about it.  Her favorite color is blue and she is the one who has most of my blue quilts!  Anyway, I am going to sew all of the little triangles and make her a "True Blue" mug rug or small quilt!  We will both be happy!  Love you too!

Here you go Vicki!  It is 12.5" square!
Last night I cut fabric to make "Prill" by Rossie Hutchinson featured in "Best Modern Quilts", Winter 2014.  The blocks are large, so I might have it finished by the end of the week end.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

True Blue

I finished my "True Blue" flimsy and hurried outside to get a picture before it started raining.  The pictures, however, do not show the richness of the blues.

And, while I have made several blue quilts, this is the one that will stay in my household!!  I love blue too!

Friday, April 18, 2014

If It's Friday, It Must Be My Day Off!

It is a beautiful Friday and while taking some pictures of my finished quilts, I took a couple of pictures of the Lilacs surrounding our backyard!

The quilt below is my scrappy granny squares, all quilted and bound!

This is the finished quilt "Rangoon" by Gudrun Erla!

And this is my current project."True Blue" by Minick and Simpson.  I have 17 more blocks to make.  The quilt will finish at 48" x 48".

I have tee times for Saturday and Sunday and will probably get some sewing done.  Sew, see you later!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Eck, It Is Back To Work Tomorrow!

I shouldn't complain too much, I only have sixteen more Mondays before I retire!!  I got my eighteen holes of golf in early this morning.  After putting my clubs and stuff away, I headed downstairs to the dungeon to quilt and switch the TV back and forth between the Master's and the Mariner Game.  I have finally joined the "Swoon" group.  Tonight, I finished the binding on my mini Swoon:  I like it so well, that I may have to make the regular size!  I used Moda's "Simply Color".

After finishing another friend's quilt, I pinned my "Star Light, Star Bright" quilt onto the quilter and finished one block.  I am using a lot of straight lines!

I may have to dig through my stack of UFOs and find another project to finish!

Later, Gator!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Round Two of the Masters!

Happy Happy Friday!  I spent the morning in the dungeon quilting and watching the Masters!  I quilted a T-Shirt quilt for a friend and quilted my black and white Granny Squares.  I still have to sew the binding on but here is a preview:

I finally finished up a little quilt that I found on Kathy's blog, Kindred Quilts.  It is called "Hint of Fall" from Buttermilk Basin.   I have had a wavy ruler for some time, sew, I tried it on the border.  Looks pretty cool!

Last night while fixing dinner, I was trying to decide on a new project--I have many many ideas, just need to make a decision.  I decided to work on my "Star Light, Star Bright" quilt from Happy Quilting.  I have all of the pieces sewn, I just need to piece them together.  Hurray, I now have six blocks finished!

I will let you know tomorrow afternoon what if anything, that I accomplished!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Beautiful Sunday!

It is a beautiful Sunday, noon and  I have my 18 holes of golf in.  When I got home, I took my "embarrassed zebra" outside for a photo shoot!

I made my golfing buddy, Frieda, an Easter Basket before I left the house this morning.

There is a roast in the crock pot, carrots and potatoes peeled and in water.  So, the afternoon is mine to work on my string quilt!