Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Week-end!

I hope that you had a good memorial weekend.  My dad was a WWII Navy Veteran and former prisoner of war.  Not a day goes by without thinking of him and my mother.   My sister and son usually places flowers on our family's grave sites (Western Washington).  Since I will be retired next year, I plan on joining them!

I have been off work since Wednesday and have to return to work tomorrow for two days and then have my new four day week end!  I got my retirement papers in the mail on Saturday, another step to September!!

I played golf Thursday, Saturday and Sunday and finally, I mean finally,  played a decent round on Sunday.  I made cookies again, Butterfinger cookies and then this afternoon, I made my favorite shortbread cookies.  I put White Chocolate M&Ms in the batter!  I don't know how long that this will last but we will enjoy the homemade cookies while we can.

I finished up my "Lucky Stars" quilt.  I was going to make it a queen size, but having just finished a queen "Swoon", I decided that a lapsize was ok!  I used several collections of Fig Tree and am thinking about putting a border on it.  What do you think?

Friday, May 23, 2014

Special Note!

I interrupted my sewing this morning to bake some Snickerdoodle cookies!  It has been quite some time since I baked (I think Christmas??) and have been craving homemade cookies.  Yummy, right out of the oven (ok, five minutes, sew you don't burn your mouth!)

I worked on my "Market Day" block this morning, cut some rectangles for my cousin's Christmas quilt, did my housekeeping and am now working on a little project that I started some time ago.  It is "Lucky Stars" from a Quilt Story Quilt Along in 2013!  I am trying to use my huge stash of Fig Tree fabric.  Mine will also be a little more scrappy than Megan's!

Have a great Memorial Week-End!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Saturday Fun!

I just got home from playing 18 holes of golf in a brisk breeze, just like it has been all weekend.  Sew, I took some pictures inside of yesterday's flimsies.  I was going to spend the day in the dungeon, but never make it downstairs.  I was up about 4 am and started a second mini "Spool" and then made an "Endless Possibilities".  I gave my sister the last one that I made.  Yes, it was blue!

Mini Spool made with Pheasant Hill

Mini Spool made with stash by Minick and Simpson

Used "Grants Park" and scraps!

Used "Grants Park" and scraps!
Sew, now it is off to the dungeon to quilt and watch the Mariner's game!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Swoon Update--Fini

Good morning dear friends.  I have finished my Swoon and a baby quilt by-product!  The wind is blowing briskly, so I took pictures in the bedroom.  My Swoon is ~100 x 100" and I used Kate Spain's "Daydreams".  If you plan to make Swoon, be very careful when cutting your pieces.  I had to piece a few blocks!!  I know that you can't really see the four rows but when/if the wind dies down today, I will take another picture.

Baby Blankie/Table Topper?
I have a couple of projects on the waiting list but, I don't know which one will be next.  I will let you know later.  Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Swoon Update

I have been working on my "Swoon" quilt this week.  I am using Kate Spain's "Day Dreams" and have completed six blocks, with the seventh all cut.  In addition, I have twenty little pinwheels cut from my flying geese corners.  When all is said and done, I will have a cute baby quilt to go with my "Swoon"!

It was a little breezy, so I had to use some rocks to hold the blocks down LOL!