Sunday, June 24, 2018

Sunday Afternoon!

I went grocery shopping early this morning; then stopped at a drive through coffee stand for an Iced Mocha.  The little Barista asked what I was going to do today!  Enjoy the sun?  I said NO, I was going to sew!  I did go outside to take my pictures, it’s 90 degrees.

Sew, I did and am now watching golf.

I worked on some small projects:

  • Made a couple of microwave potholders for a friend

  • Finished a scrappy table topper using my Moda Martinique scraps

  • Made two table runners.  The first is a popsicle runner (Fig Tree pattern)

  • The second runner is made from a Buttermilk Basin pattern using some woven scraps from Moda “Etchings”

Before I go make some cookies, I have to tell you a story!

I met an old quilting friend on Friday for coffee. About 5 yrs ago, she and her husband moved to the coast to be near their grandchildren.  Recently she finished a quilt and decided to have a local quilter quilt it.  The local quilter asked her how she wanted it quilted?!  What, she thought, I usually leave it up to Sandy to decide.  They talked about it and made a decision.  The day came for my friend to pick up her quilt.  She was excited to see how it turned out!  She said that she was very very disappointed and the local quilter charged her twice as much as I charge!!  She said that she learned a valuable lesson!!

Nice for me!!

Off to make some cookies!

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Granddaughter’s Visit

My son and his family came for a visit last weekend.  My granddaughter is 20 months and is in constant motion getting into EVERYTHING!  I had put some things away but not nearly enough!  Both my son and I were blondes early in life!

I managed to finish a quilt top that I have wanted to make for awhile.  The blocks are gingham, with a light grey background.  It is called “Gingham Stars”!  I think this is a keeper with a nice Minkee backing!

No big plans for the week.  I don’t have any customer quilts to work on.  Sew will work on my sister’s quilts and some of my back log!

Have a good week!