Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Good Tuesday Morning

I am spending a little time down in the dungeon trying to catch up on some quilting projects!  Sew far, I have finished two more of my sister’s quilts and am working on a flower table runner!     The runner pattern is from Sheri Falls “Table Runner Bliss”.  The hsts are leftovers from another quilt.  The fabric is “Harmony”.

Will try to get a couple more runners before I poop out and head upstairs!

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Project Update

Here is a picture of my little granddaughter who just had her bangs cut!

I also wanted to show off some of my mini quilts!


The pattern is from Thimble Blossoms called “Piece of Cake”.  And the fabric is Corey Yoder’s “Pepper and Flax”.

This one is from MSQC called “Colorado Star” using Chic Neutral!

I have been trying to get some quilting done but it is slow going with my sore knee!

Until next time...

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Weekly Countdown

Good morning!  I haven’t been golfing for six+weeks.  I stepped up a stair and cracked the top of my shinbone.  I am on the mend and can start putting and chipping in three MORE weeks!

Sew, that means that I have been spending most of my time sewing and quilting.  I have been obsessing with Lori Holt’s “Farm Girl Vintage”.

I have definitely been having fun!  Will catch you up tomorrow on some of my other projects!  

I have installed the blogger app on my phone see posting just got a lot easier!!