Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Day 5 and 6 of Sandy's fall vacation.

Had my follow-up Dr's appointment from my sleep study.  I have acute obstructive apnea and acute restless leg syndrome, which was a complete surprise.  So, here is my new best friend.

I woke up this morning with two big red splotches on my checks.  I may have had it a bit too snug!  I will make some adjustments tonight.

I finished another fall quilt yesterday afternoon and will get it quilted and bound today.  Only today and tomorrow left for my vacation.  BUT, I only work Thursday and have my regular 3 day week-end.

I have already visited Sandy from Pieces from my Heart on day 2 of the "Fall O Ween" blog hop : and have printed her darling "Pumpkin Spice" pattern.  Stop by when you get the chance!

Off to breakfast with the ladies!

Just got home--had my oil changed and tires rotated!  I have completed all of my goals for the CGQC!


  1. I wonder how Wayne got any sleep with both your problems. Your mask looks like exciting. I probably need one also. But I'm starting with a custom mouthpiece for grinding and clenching my teeth. Talked about it at my dental appointment Monday. Oh what fun we are...
    oxoxoxo V

  2. I have a coworker who had sleep apnea but was able to cure it. I would just hate to wear a mask! I'm colstraphobic!


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