Saturday, June 13, 2020

Several Finishes!

The Covid-19 virus has screwed up my part-time job at Joann's.  They finally had to close the store to customers, and have curbside service only.  I have been off for the past two weeks, but have been able to get some quilts finished!  Most of these have yet to be quilted but "Winter Stars" has been quilted and shipped off to my Step-Son in Ohio!  It started out as a table topper but Scott asked me to make him a queen-sized quilt.  It turned out pretty scrappy but the main fabric was "Urban Farmhouse".

Winter Stars

The "Dutchman's Puzzle" has also been finished and shipped off to my customer.  She should have received it last Wednesday, but I haven't heard from her to see if she is happy.
Dutchman's Puzzle

 "Endless Possibilities" has also been shipped off to my good friend, who is giving it for a birthday gift.  I have made this quilt twice, but still don't have one for me!  My sister has one is blues.
Endless Possibilities
Beach Cabin

Antique Tiles
I think that you are caught up for now!

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