Thursday, July 29, 2021

A Quilter's Story

 In 2014 my sister and I attended our first quilt retreat sponsored by "Quilt Taffy" in McCall Idaho.  I met a mother and daughter duo, Peggy and Jen.  Within the next year, I was quilting Peggy's quilts.  She lived in California and I lived in Washington.  

Fast forward to 2016, Peggy sent two quilts back because the stitching on the backs was messed up big time.  I went on a three-day golf vacation and took one of the quilts with me, spending my spare time picking out stitches.  It took me over a month to pick out both quilts and re-quilt them.  

The last quilts that I quilted for Peggy were "Dr. Seuss on The Loose".  Peggy was a retired teacher and gave the quilts to schools as part of their Dr. Seuss reading programs. Peggy passed away in 2018.

Last night I was on Facebook when I came across a video from "MadiMarieSchoolofSewing".  Jennifer was showing some quilts that she would be selling Saturday in Redcrest California.  I recognized one of the quilts that I had quilted for Peggy and messaged Jen to let her know that I wanted to buy it.  

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