Sunday, January 25, 2015

Catching Up!

I finally went down to the dungeon to figure out what was going on with my quilting machine.  I was trying to be Judi Madsen and quilt with a double layer of Hobbs batting.  BUT, I kept breaking needles and it sounded like my timing was a bit off!  Sew, I took the project off the machine and loaded one of many mini's onto it and quilted away for four hours.  NO PROBLEMS!  I quilted 5 minis and found three valentine table toppers from last year and quilted two of these.  Pics after the binding is on.

I then spent the next hour looking for a particular Quick Quilts and throwing out crap (two garbage bags full)  I never did find the right Quick Quilts but did clean up!  I had to take a couple of Advil to relieve my aching muscles.

Today, my plan is to sew bindings and start my sister in law's quilt, "In The Kitchen".  I just need to figure out what's for dinner and I am set for the day!!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Week Ends!

I had a fantastic non quilting weekend.  I went to the west side of the state to visit family and friends that I hadn't seen in many many years.  My cousin Robin was out from Illinois visiting her folks--my auntie and uncle, and I met them for lunch.  When we got back to their house, two more cousins and their families arrived (Brick and Kip).  After I left there, I went to my son and daughter in laws house for a great dinner and a great visit.  I returned to  my sister's house in Everett, spent the night and got home before "THE GAME" came on (GO SEAHAWKS!).  I did have time to stop at a couple of quilt shops along the way.  I bought some of Pam Kitty's new fabric and made a cute and easy bag this morning.

The tutorial can be found HERE!

I also made a "Whatcha Got? Bag PATTERN by This & That".  I had made one a couple of weeks ago and couldn't figure out the bottom, sew I ad libbed!  Some time Saturday night, I woke up with the solution and made one the correct way!  I used "Sphere" from Moda.

My sister wanted to know why I hadn't been posting.  I told here because I had been playing on my sewing machine making little projects.  BUT, I have made my hounds tooth into a queen size quilt.  It just needs to be quilted and my quilting machine needs to be timed!

I have also been trying scone recipes that I have found on Pinterest.  So far, my favorite is Orange Cranberry!

It is 48 degrees outside, I should go for a walk, but am sitting in front of my sewing machine!       Sew, see you later!

Friday, January 2, 2015

Another Bucket List Quilt Checked Off

As you know, I have been working or playing on my sewing machine with little projects.  That is, until I saw another tutorial on the Missouri Quilt Company.  It is a Houndstooth quilt and is something that I have wanted to make for a few years!  It was very easy to make, and am thinking about making a red one!

My next little project is from Kathleen  Tracy's blog and is called "Disappearing 4 Patch" using three inch squares.  Until next time...

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Little Projects

The tree is down and most of the decorations have been put away.  But, I have not felt like starting a big project, sew have been working on little projects.  A friend asked me to make her a tea cozy and the madness began.  I made a mistake right from the start and ended up making some CUP COZIES.  Then got in a grove and made some Tea Pot Cozies.  And finally some pot holders!

Tea Cup Cozy

Tea Cup Cozy

Tea Cup Cozy

Tea Pot Cozy

Tea Pot Cozy

Tea Pot Cozy

Tea Pot Cozy

We are still doing a lot of coughing around here.  Does anyone know how long this crud lasts?!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Merry Christmas

It is very quiet around this house.  Both DH and I have that bad bad chest cold that is going around.  I am on the getting better list and he is on the maybe tomorrow I will start feeling better list!!  We are missing his family's big get together this afternoon.  But it is better for us to be home.

Wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Cute, Cute, Cute!

Ten days ago, I was in Spokane with my brother and sister in law to see a "Celtic Women" concert. We arrived really early and had some shopping time!  We stopped at "The Quilting Bee", where I bought SPX fabric "Holiday Stitches" using "PepperLand" by Abbey Lane quilts.

Yesterday after golf, I made this little xmas tree without sewing a stitch.  Check out you tube for instructions.  I will make more!!

I don't remember being around anyone with a cough in the last two weeks, but some bugs got into my system and I have a chest cold with horrible coughing!  I don't know how much energy I will have today but will try to hang in there and get some quilting done!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Small Finishes!

Good morning, it's raining here, sew no golf!  I finished a couple of small quilts.  The first is made for a family member.  It measures 28 x 32 and is made from "Hearty Good Wishes"

The second quilt is from "A Quilting Life" small projects.  It measures ~21 x 21" and can be used as a doll blanket.

I am going to a Christmas party and gift exchange tonight and am making little cheesecake bites, YUM, YUM!

Until later...

PS  I need either a better camera or a professional photographer!  LOL!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Mini Quilt

Played golf this morning without a heater--got it lite and ran out of gas!!  After stopping at the store, I made some red beans and rice for super and then started dinking around at my sewing machine and made a mini quilt.  My strips were one inch wide and two inches long.

I am making progress with my "Trip Around The World" quilt and have made some little xmas goodies, but haven't taken any pics.  Maybe later.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Another Finish!

I was going to run outside and take a couple of pictures of my "Razzle Dazzle" by Sandy Gervais, but it is raining!!  Sew, I threw it onto my bed.  I took one picture in each direction.  The fabric is Moda's Blitzen and I used a layer cake cut in half.  I need to look through my stash to see if I can find some backing fabric.

I also finished a little nine patch out of flannel.

Monday, November 24, 2014

New Finishes

I have been a bit busy the last couple of weeks making Christmas table toppers for a three day craft bazaar in Prosser Washington.  But, I am here to show you a couple of quilt finishes.  The first one was started in September at a Quilt Retreat!

The second is one is made with Kate Spain's "12 Days of Christmas" that I bought a few years ago.  I finally found the right pattern!  "A Walk in The Park" by Ellie Roberts.  I love this fabric!!  PS what's really funny is that for the longest time I couldn't find where I put my fabric.  I even accused my sister of taking it!!

No golf until after Thanksgiving; my partner has left town!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

New Projects or Bucket List Quilt

I played golf this morning, a little bit in the rain, a little bit in the wind, and some in the sun.  Happy Sunday morning.  When I got home, I made a cake called "Pumpkin Earthquake Cake".  It is still too hot to taste!

Yesterday, I started two new projects, one of which is on my "Bucket List?!  It is a "Trip Around the World".  I need to dig through my stash for more reproduction fabric.  I must have some somewhere!!

The second project is called "Rhapsody in Grey, but I am using an older moda line called "Odelia".   I bought a fat quarter bundle a few years ago! (2009)

Sew, the Seahawks will be on tv soon, and I must "root, root, root for the home team"!

Friday, November 7, 2014

Small Project Day!

Today was small project day at my house!  I quilted several small table toppers and one wall hanging.  Made a small pouch and baked cookies.  Ta Da!

Shortbread Cookies made with "Autumn M&Ms"

"Quilted Box"  Tutorial from "Fort Worth Fabric Studio"

Side View

Small Table Topper Tutorial From "Bear Creek Quilting Company"

Small Table Topper using KT Charm Pack (My improvised pattern)

Small Table Topper (can't find the original)

Small Table Topper "Winter's Lane"

Wall Hanging for an OSU Alum!
I am hand stitching the binding on my QOV quilt and should get it mailed on Monday.  Sew, now I need to find fabric that matches all my little projects and sew the binding on.  Maybe tomorrow.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

"Quilt of Valor" Finish

I finished another lap size quilt that will go to the QOV Foundation.  It still needs to be quilted but will need to buy some backing.

No, I did not work on my Garnet Trace today!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Weekly Progress!

I have been sewing all morning and am ready to head to the dungeon for a little long arm quilting!  I have two little finishes and have made great progress with my "Garnet Trace".   The first mini is from my "Prairie Children and Their Quilts" sewing group.  It is called "Prairie Basket Quilt".

The second mini is for a golfing friend's granddaughter's room.  That is a mouthfull!!  It is a basic, pinwheel, made with a charm pack of "Kashmar" from Moda several years ago.

And finally, I have completed five rows on the Garnet Trace.  The little red four patch changes directions on every row.  I sewed pieces together all day Wednesday, thinking that I had made enough to finish the quilt.  Alas, that is not the case.  I will need to sew more!

Sew, hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work I go!  NOT, just downstairs!