Monday, March 30, 2015

Monday, Monday...

It is Monday afternoon and I am tired and sore.  I spent 5 hours yesterday cleaning out the closet in my sewing room and cleaning the room.  I haven't worn the clothes for a couple of years (mainly because I had fabric stacked in front of the doors!)  Out went the clothes and in went the fabric, or at least some of it!  LOL!

Sew, here are two finishes.  The first has to be quilted right away, it is a gift for our friend who is moving.  The fabric, is "Fresh Off The Farm" and another friend helped me sew the blocks!  The second, is a very bright baby quilt. (Moda's Gypsy Girl)

Sew, I am off to the store to buy ingredients for another new recipe from "Pinterest" "Chicken Alfredo Baked Ziti".  I  will let you know how it turns out!

Friday, March 27, 2015

The Week End is Here!

I finished sewing the binding on this mini quilt while on the golf course yesterday.  I try to take hand work with me to the course so that I don't lose patience!!  The pattern is "Summer Star" and I found it on "A Quilting Life"

I have been sitting at my sewing machine since 6 am this morning.  In between stitches, I have been looking at Pinterest for quilting ideas and meal ideas!  Plus, I have finished all of the laundry!  Any way, I am making a baby quilt with Moda's "Gypsy Girl".

Tomorrow, I will be going to a friend's house and making a going away quilt for another friend.  We should be able to finish the top and I will quilt it on Sunday.  The friend will be leaving as soon as her house sells, sew we need to be ready!

Hope that your week-end is fun and productive!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Windy Week-end!

I set up a table at a friend's this past weekend.  She is leasing the old fire station and had a Spring Garden Hoe Down. There were several crafters and a Blue Grass Band played.  The only problem was that the WIND  blew.  My quilts and I came home covered with dust.

This morning, I finished sewing the binding on a baby quilt for a friend.  I used Henry Glass' Noah's Ark.  It is an older collection, but perfect for a new grandson!  I used Minkee for the first time and it quilted like a dream!

My local Gammill rep was by first thing this morning for my annual servicing and changed out four wheels.  I didn't know that you could wear wheels out!  He was here two hours and I wrote a check for $400+.  He does a great job but...

I also finished up my Thomas The Train and it is now on the quilter.  Pics by Wednesday??
Finally, I made Triple Chocolate Scones and used chips with caramel inside.  YUMMY!  I still need to figure out what to fix for dinner.  I made a big ham yesterday, thinking it was Easter!  Sew, maybe left overs!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Missing For 10 Days?!!

I have been working on several quilts, including a "Thomas The Train" but today, I finished piecing one.  I saw "Round Trip" in a  "Fons and Porter" magazine.  It is about 60" square and made of Bella Solids Triangles.  It is now downstairs in the dungeon.  Speaking of which, I have an appointment Monday for a tune up on my machine.

This past weekend, I had a booth at the Annual Antique and Vintage Two Day Show.  I was able to sell several quilts, AND, I met Shelley Coykendall, an award winning quilter from the Hermiston Oregon area.  I was absolutely thrilled to talk to her for about 20 minutes.

I am off to look at a friends stash!  I hope that I don't come home with too much!

Friday, March 6, 2015

Beautiful Friday Afternoon!

Spring is finally here in the Tri-Cities.  We had our opening golf breakfast and meeting yesterday and can start posting our handicaps.  I have also been doing a lot of sewing, trying to get ready for the Spring Antique Show, where I set up a table and try to sell my wares.  There is a group of church ladies that come every year to buy quilts for their spring bazaar.  They used to make all of the own quilts but age and diminishing membership have forced them to find alternative sources!

This picture shows that I have almost mastered another free arm pattern for my quilting!

Have a good week end!