Friday, March 27, 2015

The Week End is Here!

I finished sewing the binding on this mini quilt while on the golf course yesterday.  I try to take hand work with me to the course so that I don't lose patience!!  The pattern is "Summer Star" and I found it on "A Quilting Life"

I have been sitting at my sewing machine since 6 am this morning.  In between stitches, I have been looking at Pinterest for quilting ideas and meal ideas!  Plus, I have finished all of the laundry!  Any way, I am making a baby quilt with Moda's "Gypsy Girl".

Tomorrow, I will be going to a friend's house and making a going away quilt for another friend.  We should be able to finish the top and I will quilt it on Sunday.  The friend will be leaving as soon as her house sells, sew we need to be ready!

Hope that your week-end is fun and productive!

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  1. I can see the pattern better here. What fabric group?

    xoxox Vicki