Monday, July 20, 2009

The pictures below are the individual squares of the small quilt that we worked on: fall, summer, winter, and spring! (I still haven't figured out how to group multiple pictures!)

This is my sister-in-law Linda, a wonderful and creative lady. And the picture on the top right is Jane, who does a lot of volunteer work and has been creative for many many years!
This is a picture of me with Carol. If you look over my shoulder you can see the new and orginal design that we worked on!
Good Monday morning. I had the best time Saturday in a quilting class. My sister-in-law asked me to join her in a class presented by Carol Porter--yes, the yo-yo lady!!! I drove to Prosser to the "Sewing Basket" met Carol, Marilyn, the shop owner, Jane, and my sister-in-law Linda. We were there to learn about yo-yos, applique and some neat Clover products. Thank you one and all for a great Saturday!

Monday, July 13, 2009

This is one half of a duo of mini quilts that I got from the Moda Bakeshop! I kept the dark one and gave Vicki the light one. I am in the process of making a large quilt with a similiar pattern with reproductive fabrics. I also got a phone call from my friend Doris. She wants two more quilts: one for her daughter and one for her granddaughter. I said "I'll add them to the list". I am making four for Oh, guess who, for xmas presents!!

This is a picture of my sister's and now mine, friend with her finished quilt. She was excited to get it. I actually worked with Melinda's brother and golfed with her brothers and sisters in law!
This is a picture of my sister and the latest quilt that I have made for her. She actually bought a kit to make it herself and then after a month, sent it to me!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Check out "Katie's Cupcake". She is having a giveaway for a quilt kit called "Porch Pots" from "Quilt Soup" and she used Amy Butler Fabric. It is quite beautiful!

PS I read about it on Carol's Crafty Creations!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

HAPPY 4TH! I GOT UP THIS MORNING AND WENT TO PLAY 18 HOLES OF GOLF. IT WAS AN 8 AM SHOTGUN. LET ME TELL YOU THE PACE OF PLAY WAS S L O O W. IT TOOK 2.75 HRS FOR THE FRONT NINE! GIVE ME A GOLF DAY IN THE MIDDLE OF WINTER WHEN I CAN PLAY 18 HOLES IN 3 HOURS! Anyway I am home again and sewing. While checking quilt blogs I found a new one. It is Ryans and he is having a giveaway. Stop by and say "Hey"!

I am on vacation and am going to my sister's home in Everett. They just finished a quilt shop hop last week but we are going to "hop" all the way to Bellingham! While there, we will put some flowers on our parents graves and have lunch with my son. We will shop hop to the south of Everett on Tuesday and then I will come home Wednesday morning. I will take pictures and tell you all about my good buys when I get back.

Have a great 4th. I would like to stay awake for the fireworks but I am guessing I will be asleep by 9 pm. Enjoy!