Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Weekend Travel

I traveled to the west side of the state this last weekend to visit family and do some shopping at my favorite west side quilt shops.  I went to a new shop (for me) called Folk Tales shop in Lynden Washington.  It is a little shop loaded with fabric and needle crafts.  I also stopped at Two Thimbles, located in Bellingham, Washington.  It is loaded with reproduction and civil war fabric, LOVE IT!!  And, finally, stopped at Aunt Mary's Quilt Shop at Smokey Point, north of Everett.  Next time, I will take pictures!

The real purpose of the trip was to visit family, especially my beautiful granddaughter!  The problem was that I don't see her often enough for her to be comfortable with me.  These are the pics of her reaction when left alone with me: 

When her daddy got home from work, this was her reaction:

Until later...

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Weekend Wrap Up

First, I must show you my granddaughter Carly.   She turned one 10 days ago.

I am still working on small projects.  I am trying to use scraps and fabric from my stash!

Scrappy Lap Quilt using Modal's "Hannah"

Small Christmas Table Topper

Small Scrappy Table Topper Made with Leftovers from Quilt above!
I am not sure when I will be golfing again.  I tweaked my knee about ten days ago and have either sprained my knee or torn my ACL.  Time will tell. 

Have a good week and will talk to you soon...

Friday, September 29, 2017

Happy Friday!

Got my house work finished, fresh sheets on the bed and am sitting at my sewing machine working on some little projects!

It took me a couple of tries, but I finally figured out how to make Cross Body Pouches with double zippers!  Do you recognize the Ghastlie's fabric?  I have been hoarding it for some time!!

I also got a little autumn table topper finished.  I was going to make a larger quilt, but noticed that I had very little fall fabric left.  I absolutely love the fall!

I was sewing away on a small quilt, thinking that I am sew awesome to whip this Quilt out😜😜. Then, it dawned on me, I had only sewn 8 blocks; I need 16, or maybe 25! Jokes on me😜😜

Golfed Tuesday and Thursday.  The weather was beautiful AND warm!  I wore the wrong clothes and roasted both days.  Oh, well!

Monday, September 11, 2017

"Oh, where have you been,
Sandy Girl Sandy Girl?
Oh, where have you been,
Charming Sandy?"

I couldn't think of anything to say, sew I took a small break!

I have been sewing, quilting, baking and golfing all summer and am now getting in the Halloween spirit. It is my favorite time of the year!  Yesterday, while watching my Seahawks lose, I made a couple of Halloween Mini Quilts.  

I made a commitment to reduce my stash over the summer.  I have made about 5 scrappy quilts, including a new Halloween one.  The pattern is "Hip To Be Square".  It is now hanging in the entry way.

 Here is my scrappy Patriotic "Hip To Be Square"!

Until later...

Thursday, February 16, 2017

New Mini

I bought the new "Quilts and More" Spring 2017 and fell in love with the "Step by Step" quilt.  BUT, I didn't have any fabric that I wanted to use for the large blocks.  Then, this morning I ran across Pam Kitty's Blog and she had made the quilt into a mini   Yippee, I love the idea!  Ta Da:

Made with several "French General" pieces

Let me know what you think!

PS  It is raining and the snow is almost gone.  Maybe by this time next week, I will be on the golf course!

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Let It Sew, Let It Sew!

Image may contain: text
Borrowed from Facebook!

What a mess, day 5 million of snow, snow, and snow!

I started another scrappy project this morning, trying to use fabric from my stash!  Luckily, I found a sack of "Whitewashed Cottage" downstairs and was able to incorporate it into the "Sawtooth Star" blocks.  Love that fabric!!

I have a few pictures of some finishes from the pile of quilts down in the dungeon and unfinished quilts that I have bound while stuck at home.  The piles of fabrics and quilts is diminishing!  All are mini's!

I think that I have at least four projects going that need additional fabric.  Well, I cut up all of my credit cards, so need to wait for a treasure chest to be dug up before I can buy the necessary fabric!!

Until next time...

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Project Progress

We have gone five days without it snowing, BUT our snow is still here.  It usually re-freezes at night.  I finished sewing the binding on a "Frivols #10", Cookie Exchange".  I picked up the kit the last time that I was taking care of my granddaughter.  The quilt only measures 32" x 32".

I have been working on my Granny Square quilt but can't decide whether to make a nice lap size or a larger one.  I still have not used all of the first layer cake.

On Wednesday, I was totally bored, sew I started cutting up some of my scraps into 2.5" squares.  I now have a nice basket full.

Thursday, several gals in my golf club got together for lunch.  We started meeting once a month in the winter to keep in touch and get out of the house!  You know, someone to talk to!

Finally, I have been practicing my quilting designs but have not used any new ones in the past week.  Maybe today!

Sew, it is off to the dungeon for me... 

Sunday, January 15, 2017

New Projects

I started a couple of new projects this week BUT both are using layer cakes from my stash!  I joined the FQS's "Patchwork Quilt Along"  I am using Moda's "Collection for a Cause, Friendship"  The QA is a monthly block that is 5" and we will probably make 4-6 blocks every month!

I also started another Granny Squares Quilt using"Garden House" by Jan Patek.  Have I mentioned that I love GS quilts!

I worked down in the dungeon this week quilting for my friend Peggy.  I met her at a Quilt Retreat 4 years ago.  She live in Visalia Cal. and sends me 3 - 6 quilts at a time!  Here is a pic of one of her quilts:

I am craving chocolate, sew am off to try "The Famous $250 Neiman Marcus Cookies"!

Friday, January 6, 2017

2017 Quilting Goals Update

Hi, how is your new year going?  We have had lots of snow and are expecting more tomorrow.  By Tuesday, the temp is suppose to be in the 40's and all our snow will be gone?!

I took this picture of my darling Carly before I left last Saturday.  She is cooing and making sounds, so cute!

This morning, I pulled out a mini quilt kit from my stash and have just finished it.  I think that I bought it 4 or 5 years ago on Ebay from a shop called "Two Old Goats"!  The shop is closed the last time that I tried to find it,

I was going to make a Granny Square Quilt with a jelly roll that I bought a few years ago.  It was "American Banner Rose".  However, I have been using some of the strips for other projects and now do not have enough to make any quilt.  Sew, yesterday I made another shopping tote!  The pattern can be found on "Moda Bake Shop".  Super easy!

I have a nice bean soup simmering in a pot on the stove.  I think that it has cooked long enough that I can glean the meat off the bone.  Can hardly wait for supper!  Until next time...