Sunday, August 22, 2010

I was playing around with a baby quilt pattern that I found on "Moda Bake Shop". I changed it just a bit and will use it as a table topper in the summer. I used a jelly roll of Moda's "Lemonade".
I am thinking "Autumn" and table toppers. I brought my fall stash upstairs and will begin sorting.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Check--I just finished my Pennslyvania Dutch BOM #10--two more to go!

CGQC Check--finished my August Schnibbles, a small "Plan C". Used Moda's Verna and I really think that I like this one the best. Truthfully, I didn't like it until it was quilted. That seemed to pull it altogether.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

I finished this quilt(Patches and Posts, "Aviary") in May but sent it off last week to my cousin Linda and her husband Mike because they gave me a BIG box of M&M collectibles. I love the pattern and the fabric! And I love Linda and Mike!
Got an email from Linda this morning. She loves it too!

Friday, August 6, 2010

CGQC Goals:

Check--spent time with family and friends last weekend

Check--binding sewn on "Between Friends"

Check--cookies made

Check--ironing all caught up

Check--some Sandy time--my toenails are now blue!

Now, I am ready to start my August Schnibbles!
I sent this quilt off to a sweet gal who worked part time in the lab a few years ago. She joined the Army, served overseas, and is going to school. She is getting married Saturday August 28. Good Luck to "Doni".

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Can you say "Quilted"? I just came upstairs with two quilts--my little Happy Daisy Mini.
Check-- quilted my"Between Friends", which by the way I threw in the washer to scrunch it up! I will show you tomorrow after I sew the binding on.

Check--I made a mini from leftovers of my July Schnibbles with Happy Daisy!
Next--cut my fabric for "Plan C".

Check--I finished my July Pennsylvania BOM.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I had a busy and fun day. Got three numbers on my lottery ticket; quilted three quilts (my Joy Luck, my friends quilt for her grandson--hockey players, and another quilt for my sister. I had lunch with my sister in Yakima two weeks ago and she brought me FOUR more quilts). To be fair, she did not send any home with me this last week-end.

I scrubbed the downstairs bathroom and vacuumed around my quilter--my vacuum makes funny noises when I use it downstairs!

Potatoes are in the oven, steaks on the grill and fresh tomatoe slices from my garden.

What a wonderful summer day!

Monday, August 2, 2010

OK then. One more thing to check off of my list. I finished my July Schnibbles--"Joy Luck". I used "Happy Daisy" by Moda. I saved all of my little pieces when I cut the border blocks down to 3.5 inches. I think that I will make a very small disappearing nine patch.
Off to the dentist--ouch!
Found my "Schnibbles Times Two"! It was downstairs by my quilting machine. I vaguely remember carrying some books/magazines down there a week or so ago.

I had already marked "Plan C" for a future project.. NOW, get busy! I checked my stash and Linda and Mike will get my May McGuffey!

Did I mention earlier that I had a great week-end?!!
I am home, on vacation and trying to plan my week a little bit. I must get my July Schnibbles done today!!!! Read about August's Schnibbles but can't find my "Schnibbles Two" book any where. I am sure it is here somewhere--will you help me look!

I have several quilt tops that need quilting--mine and my sister's.

Have a dentist appointment this afternoon.

Need to get July's Pennsylvania BOM done--I think I am too late for the drawing--ha ha!

Some housecleaning is also in order for the week--sheets are in the wash.

Should bake some cookies.


I will let you know what I get done as the week rolls by!
Slept as well as can be expected--got home to find a referral from my doctor to the "Sleep Lab". My oxygen levels must have been low! Any hoot, out the door about 8 and on to Bellingham. Stopped at my friend's house about 9. I was suppose to pick her up and she was going to have breakfast with my son and I. But, she is 84 and fell on Friday, causing her arms to bleed quite a bit. (I am sure that there is a medical term, but I don't know what it is). I worked with Doris years ago and if she can give you a bad time, she would and still will. Some of our phone calls are alot of laughing. She was also friends with my folks. I have made a few quilts for her and her daughter, granddaughter and great granddaughters in the last year. We have a nice visit and then I was off to see my son.

We ate breakfast and then went to his place to visit some more. However, I stopped at "Two Thimbles Quilt Shop" on the way. I bought several Moda Swatches and a cute pin cushion kit. I will show the projects when completed.

Stopped by my cousin Linda's. She and her husband Mike gave me a huge box of M&M things. I wanted to thank them and catch up a bit. (Will get a quilt in the mail as a thank you this week). They are planning a huge trip in November to celebrate their anniversary, birthdays and retirement) They are going to some group of islands somewhere off Austrailia. (Can you tell my memory is suspect some times--CRS!)

Stopped at Doris's again--she looks soooo frail! And then on to my class reunion/picnic.

I enjoyed visiting with my classmates, some I remembered and some I didn't! One of the old clics was there, stilling clinging to each other. You would think atfer 40+ years that they would spread their wings a little! Got some email addresses, so will keep in touch with a few friends! One sidebar--only about 1/2 the class, in attendance, have retired. The rest are concerned about medical and are waiting until they reach 65!

I would like to thank Don and Joyce Pulver for being host and hostess. They have a beautiful set up for large gatherings! Thanks!

Back to my sister's. My son and his girlfriend Andrea barbequed dinner! We had a wonderful evening visiting. Off to bed--going home in the early moring!
Had a wonderful week-end on the west side of Washington. Let me fess up first--I took my camera but didn't take any pictures.

I was out the door shortly after 8 am, stopped for gas, and hit the freeway. The first stop before my sister's was the Keepsake Cottage Fabrics in Bothell. I love this little quilt shop but it can be a bit overwhelming. They have lots and lots and lots of fabric in a fairly small space. I was in the shop for about 1/2 hour and did manage to find some lovely red plaids for a couple of projects on my list!

On the road again. Got to my sister's, went potty and we were off. We had pedicures at her nail salon. My toes are now lavendar. We then went to "Pacific Fabrics" in South Everett. I bought some quilting supplies, but no fabric. Stopped at "Starbucks" for a refresher and then to the Benina store and looked at fabric--bought nothing! I know, who is this person. LOL

We stopped at "Papa Murphy's" and picked up a "cowboy" hee, hee, with white sauce. That was a "first" for me, but it was Good!

We sat and vegetated the rest of the evening and I stayed up until 9 pm--late for me.