Monday, August 2, 2010

Slept as well as can be expected--got home to find a referral from my doctor to the "Sleep Lab". My oxygen levels must have been low! Any hoot, out the door about 8 and on to Bellingham. Stopped at my friend's house about 9. I was suppose to pick her up and she was going to have breakfast with my son and I. But, she is 84 and fell on Friday, causing her arms to bleed quite a bit. (I am sure that there is a medical term, but I don't know what it is). I worked with Doris years ago and if she can give you a bad time, she would and still will. Some of our phone calls are alot of laughing. She was also friends with my folks. I have made a few quilts for her and her daughter, granddaughter and great granddaughters in the last year. We have a nice visit and then I was off to see my son.

We ate breakfast and then went to his place to visit some more. However, I stopped at "Two Thimbles Quilt Shop" on the way. I bought several Moda Swatches and a cute pin cushion kit. I will show the projects when completed.

Stopped by my cousin Linda's. She and her husband Mike gave me a huge box of M&M things. I wanted to thank them and catch up a bit. (Will get a quilt in the mail as a thank you this week). They are planning a huge trip in November to celebrate their anniversary, birthdays and retirement) They are going to some group of islands somewhere off Austrailia. (Can you tell my memory is suspect some times--CRS!)

Stopped at Doris's again--she looks soooo frail! And then on to my class reunion/picnic.

I enjoyed visiting with my classmates, some I remembered and some I didn't! One of the old clics was there, stilling clinging to each other. You would think atfer 40+ years that they would spread their wings a little! Got some email addresses, so will keep in touch with a few friends! One sidebar--only about 1/2 the class, in attendance, have retired. The rest are concerned about medical and are waiting until they reach 65!

I would like to thank Don and Joyce Pulver for being host and hostess. They have a beautiful set up for large gatherings! Thanks!

Back to my sister's. My son and his girlfriend Andrea barbequed dinner! We had a wonderful evening visiting. Off to bed--going home in the early moring!

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