Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Let It Sew, Let It Sew!

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Borrowed from Facebook!

What a mess, day 5 million of snow, snow, and snow!

I started another scrappy project this morning, trying to use fabric from my stash!  Luckily, I found a sack of "Whitewashed Cottage" downstairs and was able to incorporate it into the "Sawtooth Star" blocks.  Love that fabric!!

I have a few pictures of some finishes from the pile of quilts down in the dungeon and unfinished quilts that I have bound while stuck at home.  The piles of fabrics and quilts is diminishing!  All are mini's!

I think that I have at least four projects going that need additional fabric.  Well, I cut up all of my credit cards, so need to wait for a treasure chest to be dug up before I can buy the necessary fabric!!

Until next time...

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  1. Nothing quite like a snow sew day! We had our first 'big' snow of the year last night, and it's maybe an inch? I saw forsythia across town last week, and our daffodils are coming up. Which means everything will die when/if winter ever gets here. And it usually does, eventually. Great job on all your quilts. And if I find a treasure chest, or win the lottery, I'll keep you in mind. :-)


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