Monday, May 10, 2010

Good Monday morning. I finished my May Schnibbles. I made "McDuffy" with Moda's Aviary. No, it is not quilted, my sister's needs outweigh my projects.
Oops! That's McGuffey!


  1. Who got me started quilting again? I only need one soon. I have another doggy quilt almost done. This one will be a dog rescue raffle quilt. Love you, your sister.

  2. Sandy -- what a nice blog you have. I'm impressed with how many projects you have finished. Are they all finished this year? I found your blog via Heather Peterson's blog. What got my attention was your last name, Rowe. That is my maiden name. Just curious whether we might be distantly related. My grandfather came from Butte, Montana and had one older sister although I don't think he really knew her for some reason. Well enough of that I could go on forever. Enjoyed your blog and will bookmark and come back.