Thursday, June 10, 2010

I saw this quilt when I was looking at pictures from the recent quilt market. I had to have it and found it in the July/August "Quilt maker". It was designed and made by Rachel Griffith--beautiful! I ordered a kit with Sweetwater's "Pure" but couldn't wait. I made it with: Can you say "Aviary"? I still have some fat quarters and a charm pack of Aviary left. I think that I may have to hide them!


  1. What a sweet quilt - I love it in Aviary! I'm going to look for the magazine next time I'm out and about - it's one of those patterns that would look good in anything. :-)

  2. Thought I would do a stroll before bed..this one is over the top..very pretty are not only good but goodness me fast ...
    blessings msamm