Monday, July 19, 2010

I joined the 2010 Charming Girls Quilt Club and made Darlene's "Between Friends" quilt pattern. I used Sanae's "9". I was going to make mine a little different by slipping in some of the background color squares into my patches. I haven't decided how much/little that I like the results but...
Thanks Darlene and Kelly
I am suppose to define my goals for July and August:
1. complete my Pennsylvania Dutch BOM
2. spend time with my sister, son and friends from Bellingham;
3. complete July and August Schnibbles
4. start a Kim Diehl quilt;
5. treat myself to some Sandy time;
6. figure out how to add separate pages for separate topics!
I may come up with more goals as the month rolls by!

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  1. I'm sorry I missed this post - your Between Charming Friends is adorable. I love it! I hope you enjoyed making it and thank you for joining the quilt along.

    Have you seen Kim Diehl's new book? Oh my goodness it's a must have - can't wait till it's released. :-)