Monday, October 4, 2010

 I have about 10 minutes before supper is ready and I wanted to get these pictures posted. I did not play golf this weekend--there was a two day tournament that had a full field. So, I stayed home, watched the Ryder Cup, college football, proball and sewed and quilted to my hearts content. I must say, that I am feeling so much better with my new bff-CPap that I am almost giggly!  The first two quilts I got from the Moda Bake Shop.  They are small table toppers, "Candy Bar Pinwheels", designed by Doug Leko from Antler Design.

I used Deb Strain's "Saltbox Harvest"

I used Moda's "Origins" for this one.

I used several 2 1/2" strips of autumn fabric for the last one.  It is lapsize.  

Ha, and you thought I just sat around all weekend!  Oops!  I almost forgot--I made Halloween Sugar Cookies, bats, black cats, and pumpkins.  So cute and so gone!


  1. What a difference the two fabric lines make. The quilts look so different. Congrats on such a productive weekend!

  2. What a cute fabric... it looks great both ways! I love the look of your 2 1/2" strip one also! What is the name of that pattern with the pinwheels?

  3. I love pinwheels. Both of your quilts are so nice, I'm going to go to Moda Bakeshop and find that pattern. Yum - Sugar Cookies.