Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I played a little bit over the last couple of days--nothing BIG!  I think that I mastered flying geese when I made my "Stars" quilt.  Thank you Melissa!

Small Table Topper
Ghastlie Mug Rug

I have lots of Ghastlie fabric, but so little time!  LOL


  1. Your flying geese are perfect!!! Great job!! Hugs

  2. Nice Flying Geese. Haven't tried that one yet.
    LOVE your Ghastlies mug rug!! Perfectly quilted! If you don't use all the fabric this year, there's always next year. It will be difficult for anyone to top that Halloween fabric collection :D

  3. I LOVE the mug rug!!! Yes your extras can go into your stash for next year.
    Still working away on my stuff.
    What you doing for turkey day?

    xoxox Vicki

  4. I loved the mug rug. I liked it SO much that I put it on my wall in my ofice. Thanks so much.