Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year's Eve

Made Rachel Ray's Chicken Verde for supper.  Used two dishes, and froze one to give to a sick friend.  Also, made two lemon pound cakes, one for a sick friend and one for dessert at a family dinner tomorrow.  Also, tried a new recipe, "White Chocolate, Cranberry Tart".  I will let you know how it tasted after the family dinner tomorrow.  Worked on my niece's quilt, golfed this morning, prayed for my cousin Julie, my cousin Annie, two sick friends and my daughter in law.

Now, I am going to settle in my chair, finish a binding and watch FOOTBALL!

PS  The White Chocolate Cranberry Tart turned out wonderful.  Yummy cookie like!

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  1. Your are really sending 2011 out with a bang. Busy busy day. Happy New year.