Saturday, April 14, 2012

Well, I played golf a little better today than last weekend!  LOL  I stitched the binding on three quilts when I got home, finished my BOM Re-Hab block and two blocks of my "Granny Square" quilt.

Yesterday I quilted a baby quilt for my sister and a quilt for a friend.  I am ripping out some of the quilting on my friend's quilt because the bottom some how got some wrinkles and looked UGLY and I wasn't about to call Barb and say her quilt was done but with a few flaws!  No way!  I will finish my ripping watching the Mariners tonight!


  1. Wow, I love this block for your BOM! I really like the granny sq. blocks also. I was thinking about doing one for a bee I am in... but I am not sure of the size of the block???

  2. Wow... 3 quilts bound AND 3 beautiful blocks made!
    You've been wonderfully productive! Congratulations!

  3. It looks gorgeous to me!!! You do some amazing work!


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