Friday, June 1, 2012

Under the Rainbow

Ok, who figured out that I was on vacation this week?!  Well, I got four quilts pieced together and even got caught up with a little extra housekeeping!  Here is my 4th and final quilt.  It is called "Under the Rainbow" and is in the June/July issue of Quilt.  I used more of my scraps, this time blues from a variety of Minick and Simpson's fabrics.

I am off to get my hair cut and when I get home, it's down to the quilter to get started reducing "the Stack"! PS  No Vicki, you may NOT have this quilt!!  My plan was to make another "Endless Possibilities" but this got in the way!  Love you!  BUT, you can have this strange little table topper that I made with the leftover scraps!


  1. This quilt is smashing! It's awesome

  2. Very NICE quilt! I like it!

  3. The quilt is beautiful! Yes, blue is my favorite color. But I actually like the topper better.
    Finally dropped off the baby quilt with Amanda (pictures on FB to follow). She liked, so did Avery. Ave found the inside and talked about how soft it was.
    Love you too.