Friday, July 6, 2012

Friday WIP

I thought that I would show you my WIP.  This is a baby quilt kit that I bought a couple of years ago.  I have one more border to sew and then it's off to the pile on the quilter!

2nd:  I had one leftover block from my Free Spirit "Veranda" quilt, so I made a mug rug.  I just need to sew the binding on.

3rd:  I started my "Spool" quilt using "California Girl".  I am ready to sew the corners on the Spool tops.

Hope you have a great Friday.  I will sew some more and then go have lunch with my sister in law!

Look what I just made!  It is something that I wanted to try for some time!  In fact, I made one Wednesday with a too small zipper and with charms that ended up on the inside rather than the outside. So, I used 4 solid pieces while I figured out the pattern!  By the way, I got the pattern from Moda Bakeshop and Kim Sherrod!

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  1. A very productive day and lunch too, I call that wonderful.