Saturday, September 29, 2012

Ryder Cup

2012 Ryder Cup
If you have followed my blog for awhile, you know that my other hobby is Golf.  I love watching the Ryder Cup but it makes me very nervous and exited.  So nervous that I can't stand not to watch it and too nervous to sit.  So, yesterday ESPN televised the whole day.  I could only watch downstairs, where my quilter is located.  I finished two quilts.

Today, NBC is showing the Ryder Cup and I can watch it in my sewing room.  So far today, I finished the flimsy of my "Forget Me Not" Sewalong.

I have sewn the binding on one of the quilts that I finished yesterday.  I finished my monochromatic "Quilties" and have gotten them in the mail.

I have finished three of my "General's Wives" blocks.

I am not quite sure what I will do next, but it won't be just sitting here!  And, I have 12 golf matches to watch tomorrow, in addition to football, so who knows what I will finish/or get started!  I will let you know.

PS  Don"t forget to try the "Cheddar Bay Biscuit" recipe  listed below.   Soooooo GOOD!


  1. Wow. You do like golf!
    Nice blocks. You got a lot done!

  2. You're going to have to buy more fabric and start more projects if you keeps watching golf! lol Love all of your photos! xo

  3. Love the blocks,
    The Quilties are lovely.Laura x

  4. great blocks and love those pumpkins.

  5. I found your blog through the BOM Rehab. We are working on a lot of the same projects. I had two more blocks to complete for the Forget Me Not and I have the General's Wives BOM, but I have only made two blocks so far. Yours are inspiring me to get back to it! BTW though, did you notice the "oopsy" in your green block yet? Hate when that happens!! I have enjoyed reading your posts!

  6. You have been very busy with a lot of projects. Good for you for getting 3 more GW's blocks completed! I can't wait to see what's next!