Sunday, November 25, 2012

Help, can I add another border?

I thought that I finished a queen size quilt this morning.  BUT, when I measured it, it was only 70 x 70.  Will it work to add another border???


  1. You could put another row of churn dash blocks around the border. That would be quite a bit more work and I don't know if you still have enough of the fabric you already used on your blocks. Just a thought.

  2. Remember, the only rule in quilting is that you must cut up perfectly good fabric and sew it together again. I have made quilts with one, two and three borders. Also make them without borders. The one I just finished was going to have two borders until I decided to only put on one while the one before that had two borders. Love the way you laid these out.

  3. I lov eblue quilts!!! Do what ever you need to do to love it!! If another border is needed then add one. You want to be able to use and love it!! Hugs

  4. I love blue quilts. I don't see a problem with adding another border.

  5. I think it would look great with another border!
    I would probably choose the light background print (cream with blue) for the final border and add a darker blue binding. (of course that's a personal choice) lol

  6. I like Aunt Reen's idea of ending with a dark binding. Trim the dark blue, add another cream, then the dark border. Use what ever proportions look good to you.
    I know it will be beautiful!!!