Saturday, June 15, 2013

Week-end Progress

The last place that I left you was me golfing in a tournament on Tuesday.  Our team won and my partner and I won our match and tied for first place and won a couple of bucks!!

So, where am I with all of my projects.  I finished 14 more courthouse steps for a total of 64, half way!

I worked on my blocks for Aunt Reen's Jelly Roll Quilt Along.  I am using Moda's "Pom Pom de Paris".

AND, I finished my "Simply Charming" mini quilt for June.  It is called "Cabin Steps".  My border "Blues" don't match but I think that is ok as it is a scrappy mini!

I pieced one block from Moda Bakeshop's posting today, just to see if I liked it.  I DO, and will eventually make the quilt using "Aspen Frost".

I think that I am done sewing for the day.  I am going to fix up another planter for the front porch and then start supper!


  1. Your fabric choice for the Jelly Roll Sew Along is beautiful. Can't wait to see your blocks.

  2. 64 Courthouse steps blocks already - whoo hoo they are looking fabulous! Be still my heart I'm in LOVE with your fabric choice for the sew along!
    Darling Cabin Steps quilt congrats on such a sweet finish! I like your Moda block too! I'd say you had a pretty awesome week at your sewing machine!

  3. Congrats on your win and some money too - guess there is more fabric in your future....=)

  4. LOVE your fabrics for the Jelly Roll! and your fabrics in your Courthouse Steps blocks. Nice!

  5. I'm wondering if you ever sleep! The Courthouse Step blocks are multiplying beautifully! I like the different blue borders on Cabin Steps... the scrapier the better! Congrats on the golf prize. Did you stop at your LQS on the way home?

  6. Your Courthouse Step blocks are out of this world! I love the different blue borders on your Cabin Steps...need to get mine done for this month, thanks for the reminder. I really liked that block on Moda Bakeshop too!