Saturday, October 12, 2013

Purple Vision

I had to hurry to take pictures before it started to rain.  As you can tell by the pictures, the binding still needs to be sewn on!  This queen quilt is for my cousin's sister in law.  She had seen a mini quilt that I made and wanted it, but much bigger!!

I have been trying to sew along with Aunt Reen, but I am having problems cutting out 60 degree wedges of my border fabric.  Aunt Reen said that it was easy but...

I am also working on some placemats for a friend.  She wants eight.  I am about half finished--maybe after golf tomorrow?!


  1. It's beautiful! I really love nine-patch quilts! :0)

  2. Sandy that turned out great and I love your quilting design. Good luck on golf with the rain shower we had today! Hope your golf balls can float!

  3. Great quilt, Sandy. Big, too. She will love it. Hope the rain misses you tomorrow.

  4. Love the quilt. I have not been a fan of purple but this quilt changed my mind. Hugs

  5. A beautiful Nine Patch... it's hard NOT to fall in love with a Nine Patch!