Sunday, November 24, 2013

Mojo Returning?!

While waiting for my mojo to return, I have been cleaning up some of my leftover blocks and hsts.  They will join the pile down in the dungeon along with the rest of the quilts waiting to be quilted.  Maybe I will take care of some of the pile next weekend!  I think if I just quit fretting about what project to work on and how to get everything completed, the rest of my mojo might come back.  Just relax and enjoy the process!!

I am currently working on a baby quilt for a friend.  I am using her bridesmaid dress as the main color and some fabric from Maywood's "Memories of Love"


  1. You have some beautiful projects here! I'm sure your mojo will return soon with these gorgeous quilts waiting!

  2. These look like fun little projects! I know what you mean about your mojo... mine seems to be napping!

  3. Lovely stuff on the go.Sure your mojo will return soon,sometimes life gets in the way.xx

  4. You have some beautiful projects in the works here Sandy!
    Hope you find that mojo soon!

  5. Hello Sandy, Some lovely projects on the way soon. Love the fabrics. I look foreward to seeing them when done.