Monday, March 24, 2014

OK, It's Monday, But, I had a Great Week-end!

It's Monday but I had a great crafting weekend!  I went to my sister in law's house with a group of crafty women and learned how to felt wool and make a penny rug.  Right now, I can't find it so there is not a picture--oh, darn!  During the afternoon, I went to an Alpaca Farm and learned to crochet a rug with Alpaca wool!  It isn't perfect but I love the colors and I had a great time!

Again this fall, my sister and I will be attending Quilt Taffy's retreat in McCall, Idaho.  This year's theme is "Super Girl Edition".  I found  some fabric with an appropriate theme and made a round basket, a rectangle basket and a coin purse!

I played golf Sunday morning and then spent some time in the dungeon and just have to sew the binding on it!  I will show you a picture when I am finished.  Until then, "Happy Trails to You"!

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  1. It sounds like a very enjoyable weekend! That fabric is perfect for your project.