Sunday, April 13, 2014

Eck, It Is Back To Work Tomorrow!

I shouldn't complain too much, I only have sixteen more Mondays before I retire!!  I got my eighteen holes of golf in early this morning.  After putting my clubs and stuff away, I headed downstairs to the dungeon to quilt and switch the TV back and forth between the Master's and the Mariner Game.  I have finally joined the "Swoon" group.  Tonight, I finished the binding on my mini Swoon:  I like it so well, that I may have to make the regular size!  I used Moda's "Simply Color".

After finishing another friend's quilt, I pinned my "Star Light, Star Bright" quilt onto the quilter and finished one block.  I am using a lot of straight lines!

I may have to dig through my stack of UFOs and find another project to finish!

Later, Gator!


  1. Lovely projects. Congrats on your retirement. You must be excited just thinking about what you will do once it's here. Hugs

  2. Congrats on your coming retirement,I've been retired 5 years now and love it.
    Love the blocks,very colourful.x

  3. LOVE your Mini Swoon quilt!
    Congratulations on the 16 week countdown till retirement!

  4. Swoon looks interesting. Trying to figure out how it's cut. Like the way you quilted it.


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