Thursday, October 8, 2015

Golf Injury?!

I played in a golf tournament this last week-end and "tweaked" my knee on the last hole Saturday.  I warmed up Sunday morning without pain, sew I figured that I was good to go.  By the end of the round, I was almost in tears my knee hurt so bad.

I have stayed home this week and spent some time with my sewing machine.  I haven't been able to do any quilting, just sewing.  Yesterday, I used up two partial jelly rolls of some "French General" collections and made a jelly roll race quilt.  BUT, I didn't like it, sew I have been cutting it up into 2.5" strips, making a 25 patch.  I like the look much better!  (It's a good thing because how can I cut the strips smaller?)  This is only four blocks but I like the scrappy look.

I joined a quilt guild last month and we/they are going on a four day retreat the first of November.  Yeah, another vacation.  However, this time I will have to make one meal!  LOL

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  1. Take care of yourself. Another retreat, I am jealous!!!


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