Thursday, November 12, 2015

Bits and Pieces

I have been finishing up bits and pieces of projects this morning. I had to fix the binding on two quilts and then listed them on my Etsy Shop.  I dug out the backing for a quilt of the Colorado Avalanche for a friend.  This quilt is next on the quilter, sew I can get it finished by tomorrow, and off to it's owner.

Last night I finished quilting a Judy Niemeyer quilt for a friend.  Will get it shipped off today.

I think that there is a saying:  "physicians heal thyself".  I brought DH home from the hospital today as his body healed itself--no surgical intervention!!  He is settling in and I am back to sewing!

Until later...


  1. Nice job Sandy. Thanks for sharing the fun project last night and glad everyone is back home and feeling better.

  2. So glad DH is on the mend without surgery. That's very good.
    You've been busy - so many quilts!


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