Sunday, January 3, 2016

Week End Wrap Up!

My son and daughter in law were up very early this morning and got home about noon.  He wanted to get home before the Seahawks came on.  He is a season ticket holder!

After they left this morning, I cut up fabric to make my cousin a quilt.  They live in Illinois, but winter in Scottsdale.  She wanted a southwest fabric theme.  The fabric is a combination of collections from Art Gallery including:  The Wanderer. Arizona, and Tribal.  The quilt pattern is Star Cakes from Jolly Jabber.

I tried to figure out something that would be marketable when the local farmers markets open in the spring.  Sew, check out my quilted dolly sleeping bag!!  It measures about 14" x 16".  I will probably make a couple of different sizes.  AND, quilt large pieces of fabric on my long arm, rather than using my regular machine--much much faster!

I am going to run, the Seahawk game is on!


  1. I love the dolly sleeping bags. I might have to order a couple of those for my summer girlie birthdays.
    Todd returned the Vintage Girl and the fabric. I've been trying to decide between a direct deposit, paypal or a check in the mail. What is your preference?
    Love you! xoxoxoxox Vicki

  2. The quilt for your cousin is wonderful. So are the dolly sleeping bags. They should be very successful.

  3. I've been eyeing some of that Southwest fabric for year or so now. Looks great in your quilt!