Sunday, February 21, 2016

Week End Wrap Up!

 I don't have too much to show, just a couple of mini's and my blocks from Aunt Reen's current quilt along.

While wandering around in Pinterest, I saw a cute small (4.5") granny square and decided to make some.  I thought nine and ended up with four!  It takes forever!  It measures ~12 x 12 and will be a birthday present for a friend.

This mini is February's pick for Huckleberry Stitches small quilt along.  This is called "Don't Play With Utensils."

I arranged my blocks for Aunt Reen's quilt along as I thought they should be.  I will find out next Friday the actual placement.

Until next Friday or until I get another project finished!


  1. I like your mini's. I really like your color in the sew along blocks.

  2. Love that sweet mini Granny Square quilt!
    Your 2nd mini is adorable too.
    Your colors and blocks for the Big Leap are beautiful! Thanks so much for sewing along!