Monday, December 12, 2016


While at the doctor last week, I asked her if there was a good way to deal with my obsessiveness over quilting/sewing.  I generally sit down at my sewing machine about 6 am and quit about 3 pm. Bottom line, she thinks that I am fine.  But I need to take some breaks and do a little walking.

Well, yesterday things changed BIG time.  My daughter in law had to be hospitalized and I am over on the coast helping to take care of my granddaughter.   When I got here yesterday, I took the baby from my worn out son, she settled down and barely cried the rest of the day, until bedtime that is!

When I went to bed, I forgot to take my glasses off before I put my cpap on and couldn't figure out why it was soooooo uncomfortable.  I thought it must be because I was in a strange bed.  LOL

I have had my shower and coffee, and am waiting for her to finish waking up.  Now what?!  I brought my sewing machine and a large tote full of fabric, but don't really feel the urge to do any sewing!  Actually, I feel a little restless, but it is snowing, so I am not going any where!

Will keep you informed on how my week is going!

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  1. Sorry DIL is ill, I hope she makes a speedy recovery. Poor son, he was probably so stressed. Enjoy spending time with little granddaughter. So funny about the glasses and the cpak. I accidentally got in the shower with my glasses on and thought - wow it's sure steamy in here!


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