Sunday, May 20, 2012

Jelly Roll Quilt

Here is one more quilt that I can check off of my to do list, a Jelly Roll Quilt.  I used Moda's "Its a Hoot".  I think that the trick to jelly roll quilts is to use bright fabrics!

Backing and Quilting Motif

I have to show you this pillowcase.  It is made with the cutest fabric ever--"Cutest Critters" by Avlyn Design Studio.

I am off to the basement to start quilting Durinda's quilt!


  1. Love those farm critters. They are so cute.
    Did you see my FB postimg yesterday? It was about the wonderful example you set that sometimes I follow :)


  2. P.S.
    Great job with the quilting design.. you are getting so darn good. When you retire, you can open up a shop.


  3. Love, love, love the jelly roll quilt. I agree. Lots of bright, dark colors make better jelly roll quilts. The Christmas jelly rolls do nicely.
    Cute fabric in the pillow case!!