Sunday, May 27, 2012

Something New

Here is one of three quilts that I started this weekend.  I need some more fabric for one and I only have a few blocks cut for the third.  This one is a little outside of the box for me.  I am thinking of adding one more row and a border.  I did add a bit of sashing to one side of each block to break up the "wild" colors.  I haven't quite decided but I have plenty of time because of the stack of quilts sitting on my quilter! I used a combination of Kate Spain's "Good Fortune" and "Terrain".


  1. COOL looking quilt, Sandy. I like outside the box. Good Fortunes and Terrain, two very nice collections, play so nicely together :D

  2. I like the primrosey blues - the purple and blue tones together. I like this pattern also.

    I played 'giveaway' all week and I was expecting to win something. No surprises in my inbox yet.

    We did have a good day with Todd and Andrea. She was better than last time <3


  3. Looks good and just what we were talking about...out of the box! Binding done on Michaela's quilt. Sandy you did a excellent job of quilting it. Many thanks

  4. those quilts remind me of the one's Grandma made for us.

  5. Lovely work! Great creativity! Thanks for posting this on your excellent blog! Kate