Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sunday Progress

It is Sunday afternoon, we didn't have a tee time today, so, I did a little more cleaning/organizing in my sewing room.  Friday I bought a wall magazine rack, installed it this morning and added my "Quilties" to the outside. The lowest slot holds patterns for my current projects and the top of my wish list!  The second and third slots hold patterns further down the list plus some odds and ends.

Christmas Basket (I have a lot of respect for the people who sell these baskets because they are not easy!)
Small Sebastian Pouch
Irish Chain Progress (Not half finished)
Another pic of Irish Chain
 I think that Stephanie is going to love her quilt!


  1. I think that Stephanie is going to love her quilt, too. I know I love it!

  2. I have enjoyed your baskets! They are adorable.

    The Irish Chain quilt is beautiful. It's going to be loved.

  3. I like the rack idea. Wow, I'm impressed with the cleaning of the sewing! Also interested in what forgotten treasures you might have found...
    I still haven't done any sewing since you were here. Reading alot, but no sewing. I need to get into my bins and pull out my flannel scraps for discounts at Pacific Fabric this week. Scraps for Linus Project...
    I love Fat Quarters Monday half off sale...'Goodnight Spot' fabric is perfect for more baby(kid) quilts.