Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Zeke and his cucumber!

We were sitting in our lounge chairs watching the Mariner game, when the dogs came racing up the stairs.  Zeke had a big cucumber with several bites out of it.  I made the mistake last year of giving them peelings.  Now they love cucumbers and raid the garden every once in a while!

Tank just watched the whole process!!


  1. A dog has to have his veggies, nice that he can get his own snack.

  2. Smart dog! Knows were to find food.

  3. How funny,at least it was a healthy snack,my pup keeps steeling my embroidery thread.Its a bit of a mess when I get it back.
    Laura x

  4. Wow... that's amazing! You've got a couple of very healthy minded dogs! (grin)

  5. Been a while since I have been on site. Looks like you have been busy! Love the pics of the dogs. They are so funny!


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