Monday, October 15, 2012

Bounce Flimsy

I am on vacation and getting ready to head to McCall, Idaho to attend Corrie Munson's quilt retreat.  My sister will be here tomorrow and then we will leave Wednesday morning.  After cleaning the downstairs bathroom and bedroom, I finished up my Bounce flimsy.  I like the pieced border between the solids.  No, your eyes are not goofy, the blocks are all cut at different angles!  I still haven't figured out how to solve the shade difference of the background colors.  Any suggestions?!

I am making Patti LaBelle's mac and cheese with chicken for supper.  I might even make a dessert!


  1. Have a fun time at the retreat. Mac and cheese sounds gooooood! Have a geat tuesday.

  2. I wish I had a wonderful solution for the background challenge but I think you should leave it the way it is and pretend you planned it that. What the heck - it'll be fine and I think you'll love it more after it's quilted.

    Have a fun time at the retreat.