Saturday, February 2, 2013

Small Projects

Have you ever watched the Missouri Quilt Company's tutorials on Youtube?  They are GREAT and so easy to follow.  While watching the tutorial for the "Zig Zag" table runner, I saw a tutorial on making quilted balls, not sure what else to call it!  It was quick and easy but now that I have made one...

I also made a table runner for a friend who loves horses.  I used the pattern that I have been obsessed with lately using Moda's "Queen of the Ranch".

I woke up this morning super early and was sitting at my sewing machine by 5:30 am.  We had a frost delay at the golf course so I had plenty of time to made a MQC quilt called "Double Layer Cake" using Moda's "Mama Said Sew".  It measures 60" x 60".

I haven't decided if I will put one or two borders on it but have plenty of time to decide.
So, I am home from golf, started a pot of Red Beans and Rice for dinner cut my finger on the red bean lid and am in the process of working on my "Scattered" quilt.

Catch you later!


  1. You be careful girl or get one of those can openers that does not leave sharp edges! Just don't bleed on your quilt tops ;) They all look great - as usual!

  2. I love the quilted ball. I am addicted to those tutorials and have quite a few projects on my want to make list. Hugs

  3. Beautiful quilt. Didn't realize that Sew Mama Sew fabric collection would make up so beautifully.

  4. Hello,
    about the pattern for the quilt with Mama said Sew fabric, does MQC stand for Missouri Quilt Company?
    Thank you.