Saturday, July 13, 2013

Scrappy Sunday and a Finish!

I spent most of today and yesterday sewing one inch strips together and I could just spit!  EXCEPT, that I have finished my "Small Courthouse Steps".  If you are a member of the quilt police squad, go away.  As soon as I attached the one screwy block, I knew it and left it in for character!!!

Tomorrow, I will either spend time in the dungeon, or start a new quilt called "Windmill" that I found at the MBS.  I will be using "Aspen Frost",

Later Gators!!


  1. Absolutely love it just the way it is!!!!! bravo!!!

  2. I love it, too. applause, applause!!!!

  3. Wow...your quilt top turned out stunning!
    This pattern is so detailed with tons of piecework.
    I commend you for your stick-to-it determination.
    I LOVE IT! Congratulations!

  4. I love the character - great job Sandy!

  5. You made me LOL! Looks good. Wish I had made that kind of mistake on one of my kid's quilts. They would have loved it and made another memory.

  6. Amazing!! Gosh that is a lot of 1" strips but it looks fabulous!!!

  7. I love your courthouse steps quilt--I didn't realize the blocks were that small! Funny about your rogue block too--LOL!