Sunday, February 2, 2014

Scrappy Sunday or "Nervous Nelly Day"!

Yes, I am getting nervous and so excited for the Super Bowl to start that I just can't sit still.  Super woman has been at her sewing machine since 6 am and here is what she has done!!  I made three pouches of various sizes, three table toppers out of scraps and various sizes and finished my "Rangoon" quilt.  I also have roasted a turkey, peeled potatoes, made dressing, and I am looking through my magazines for something else to start.  Someone please knock me out!!

Go Hawks!


  1. Okay, seriously, you need to take a deep breath! It's almost time. We're getting our munchies ready to go, so we can settle in by the TV. Great projects, by the way!!

  2. You were in overdrive today, Sandy., nice work. We were rooting for Denver but they were no match for the Seahawks. Now we can look forward to the Olympics.

  3. Super woman is right!!! I can't believe everything you accomplished... and it involved cooking too!
    Happy for Russell Wilson... what a class athlete. A bit sad for Peyton... another class athlete.

  4. All wonderful finishes! Sure wish I could absorb some of your energy. Congratulations on being so creatively productive!