Sunday, August 3, 2014

Am I confused or just totally insane?!

How is your week end going?  No golf this weekend, it has been HOT here and my partner can't stand the heat.  Instead, I have been sitting at my sewing machine for 4 days and have had just about enough for a few days!  I have made a "Transformer" quilt, a Christmas present,  a large "Carpenter Star", with Moda's "Sentiment"  and quilted a fall quilt that I made last year.

I still have to make a transformer pillowcase plus the quilting.  But, not today.  I think that I will go make some cookies or something!


  1. Ha ha... A little bit insane though it's admirable how much you've done :)

  2. Yes, please take a break and bake some cookies. Your poor brain and your back will appreciate it. Then get back to stitching!

  3. Wow, where did you find the rest of the transformer fabric? Busy girl!

  4. Yeah Sandy - save some sewing for the retreat - ha ha!!!