Friday, January 2, 2015

Another Bucket List Quilt Checked Off

As you know, I have been working or playing on my sewing machine with little projects.  That is, until I saw another tutorial on the Missouri Quilt Company.  It is a Houndstooth quilt and is something that I have wanted to make for a few years!  It was very easy to make, and am thinking about making a red one!

My next little project is from Kathleen  Tracy's blog and is called "Disappearing 4 Patch" using three inch squares.  Until next time...


  1. wow.. that is beautiful!!!! Happy new year.

  2. Your Houndstooth quilt top turned out wonderful!

  3. Really like your Houndstooth quilt. Red would look great too. In Australia we have a very high end department store called David Jones, for whom houndstooth is the signature pattern. Hence, whenever I see houndstooth pattern, I call it the David Jones quilt, or bag, or pants etc.