Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Mini Quilts Big Reveal!

I have finished binding five of seven of my mini quilts and it is time for the BIG Reveal!!

Mini Valentine Runner

Mini Four Patch

Kathleen Tracy's Disappearing Four Patch

Mini Cat Table Topper

Mini Doll Quilt

Bonus Picture:  Finished flimsy table topper "In The Kitchen" for my sister in law Kathy!


  1. Sweet collection of finished toppers. Doesn't that feel good?
    Love the flimsie for your sister in law.

  2. LOVE your mini quilts. Thank you for sharing pictures.
    I'm still using the cute mini table topper you made and I won in a drawing a few years ago : )

  3. So many nice finishes on your mini quilts. Always a good feeling to have something finished. Your quilt top for the kitchen is very nice; love the border!

  4. Wow - love your mini's! Each one so special and congratulations on finishing!

  5. Great to get those minis done.


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