Wednesday, February 4, 2015

New Finishes!

I am thinking of going shopping for a pair of rain boots.  We have been having more rain here in the Tri-Cities than I can remember!  Sew, I took pictures on the living room floor.  First up, is my finish for the small quilt group found here!  The mini is called "Answer All Invitations That Ask You To RSVP" found in 101 Fabulous Small Quilts.

The second finish is from Vintage Quilt Revival called "Spiced Chai Quilt"

Both need to be quilted, BUT, I see a block in the wrong position and need to fix it!  Sew, off to find my seam ripper!


  1. Me personally, I like the "ODD" block.

  2. So, it feels like you're back on the west side of the hill, huh. They are both quite nice.