Monday, June 8, 2015

All Bound Up!!

I golfed  early this morning and am very grateful to be finished by 10:30 am.  It is now 99 degrees here in the Tri-Cities!  PHEW!

I ran outside very quickly and took these pictures of a couple of table toppers.  The first one has some Bonnie and Camille fabric, but I can't remember which one!  I found it buried in my stash! The second is a scrappy 4th of July motif.

I forgot to show you this little gem.  I tried to make a "Pineapple" block (yes, I failed before).  I took the picture on the golf course after sewing the binding on and then gave it to one of my playing partners!

Yesterday, I finished quilting a nice scrappy queen size quilt for our bed.  I need to sew the binding on and then, I will show you pictures!!


  1. Nice work Sandy. And UGH - already in the triple digits here and it is just June 8th! School is almost done so I hope to get back to some sewing soon!